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Fitness should be a lifestyle and believing in this motto, Roadies Gym offers different types of fitness activities to achieve the fitness goals and different fitness needs. The gym incarnates the spirit of a Real ROADIE, one who is invested in fitness and is ready to take on the journey head long! The ultimate Gym for those who are constantly inspired to push their limits and achieve more each day.

Our Vision & Mission

The journey to fitness isn’t overnight, just like the journey of a Roadie. In this, journey is an alignment of the determined mind and a solid body to fuel the lifestyle of a Go- Getter.

We envision a world where individuals prioritise their physical and mental well-being, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. We strive to create a community that inspires and empowers people of all fitness levels to achieve their goals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and self-belief.


Our mission is to provide a state-of-the-art fitness facility that offers a wide range of high-quality equipment, personalised training programs, and engaging group classes. We aim to deliver exceptional customer service and a supportive environment that motivates our members to embrace an active lifestyle, develop strength and endurance, and enhance overall health. Through our dedication to education, innovation, and inclusivity, we aim to be the preferred destination for individuals seeking a comprehensive fitness experience.



Extending the legacy IP of Roadies in a unique Gym to further grow and strengthen a community that invests in self development & wellness. An extension to the show, it aims to offer a daily workout box for not just the physically fit but also the MENTALLY STRONG.

About Us

India's Longest Running Reality Show MTV ROADIES, on air for the last 18 years WITH a phenomenal Youth fan following. Having driven the Indian youth towards fitness with celebrities like Ran Vijay, Nikhil Chinappa, Neha Dhupia, Bani, Prince Narula & more, V18 in collaboration with Avaeta Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has ventured into fitness industry by launching ROADIES GYM CHAIN. Now you can experience the Roadies energy LIVE while working out in Roadies Gyms or performing tasks in specially designed Task Zones AT A GYM NEAR YOU.

Our Brand Ambassador Sonu Sood



What Makes Us Unique?


Sports Fitness

Sports fitness refers to the physical and mental state of being fit and prepared for participation in sports activities. It involves a combination of specific training methods, conditioning exercises, and nutritional practices aimed at improving athletic performance, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall physical well-being.


Anywhere Gym Access

Anywhere Gym Access refers to the flexibility and convenience of accessing a gym or fitness facility from various locations. It allows individuals to work out and exercise in different gym locations, giving them the freedom to choose a gym that suits their schedule or travel plans


One Day Pass

The One Day Pass grants an individual access to a particular Gym for a single day. It is a temporary pass that allows someone to enjoy the benefits or activities available within a limited time frame. The customer can avail facilities like Workout/ Group Classes/ Steam/ Sauna/ Massage Therapy etc. They can eat Healthy Delicious Food and enjoy while travelling.


Celebs Workouts

and Visits

It can serve as inspiration for fans and fitness enthusiasts, showcasing different exercise techniques, workout regimens, and health-conscious practices. Such visits can also generate publicity for the fitness facility or brand involved, attracting attention and potentially increasing its popularity and reputation.


Strong Pre - Sales


A robust pre-sales strategy typically includes elements such as targeted marketing campaigns, lead generation efforts, personalized communication, product demonstrations, trials or samples, and competitive pricing or incentives. It ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful conversions and long-term customer satisfaction.


Well - Planned Online


We execute deliberate efforts to create a strong and cohesive digital footprint across various online platforms. This includes elements such as a visually appealing and user-friendly website, engaging and relevant social media profiles, consistent branding and messaging, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, content creation and distribution, and active participation in relevant online communities or forums. A well-planned online presence aims to effectively showcase the brand's values, products, or services, engage with the target audience, build credibility and trust, and ultimately drive online visibility, customer acquisition, and growth.




Giving an opportunity to our patrons to not only connect but grow and thrive in a fitness forward culture



A pivotal health and fitness partner - Roadies Gym - will be a one of kind group workout space providing indoor workouts like – HIIT , Calisthenics , Cross Fit & Functional Training



A workout space that is a constant motivator that this Gen Z needs. The gym to set different workout programs like Bani’s Hardcore HIIT workout (3 Levels) Prince Narula’s Endurance Training Workout (4 Levels ) Cross Fit Like Sood (3 Levels )

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Avaeta Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Office Suite # 17, Ground Floor

Tower B, Vatika Atrium

Golf Course Road, Sector 53

Gurgaon - Haryana

T : +91 124 490 1111

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